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General Policies

​Blue Mesa Adventure Pods are managed by Elk Creek Marina, LLC concessionaire for the Curecanti National Recreation Area. All reservations must be made online at The NPS and Elk Creek Marina will not make Adventure Pod reservations.



Check-in time is 2:00 p.m. MST

Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. MST

Guests must be 21 years of age or older to rent a pod.

All NPS rules and regulations must be followed during your stay.


Pods include the use of two stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), two paddles, personal flotation devices (PFDs / lifejackets), and a firewood bundle (unless there is a local burning ban in effect, in which case wood will not be provided). Please bring bedding, pillows, flashlights, cooler for food / drinks, towels, swim gear, sun screen, and anything else that will make your adventure more enjoyable.



Pets are allowed in our pet-friendly pods, one pet per pod. If you have rented a non-pet pod, you may bring your pet if you have somewhere other than inside the pod to leave them. Pets are permitted in Elk Creek Campground and in the Curecanti National Recreational Area. Pets must be leashed at all times.  Owners are responsible for their pet's behavior and may receive fines if their animal creates problems with wildlife and/or other visitors.  Do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle or campsite. Interior temperatures of vehicles rise within minutes and pets can quickly overheat and die, even with the windows cracked.  Pets must be confined to the pet owner’s pod and must not be allowed to roam free or be tethered.  Pets must not be left unattended.  Pet caregivers are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.  Scoop your poop!  Bring several bags with you to be sure you have enough.  Pet fee is $10 flat rate fee in pet-friendly pods.


We do not allow smoking in any of our pods. This includes tobacco, vapor, or any other form of smoking. Violation of this policy will incur a $200 fee. Be aware that during fire bans the only location where smoking is allowed is inside your vehicle. Please dispose of extinguished cigarette butts.


Cooking or an open flame are not allowed inside the pods. A fire rings and grill are provided.


Guests who cancel a reservation more than 14 days in advance of check-in time (2:00 p.m. MST) will receive a refund less ten percent (10%) of the total nightly costs and any service fee paid. Guests who cancel a reservation less than 14 days but more than 48 hours in advance of check-in time will receive a refund less one night's stay and any service fee paid. Guests who cancel a reservation less than 48 hours in advance of check-in time will not receive a refund. Guests who no-call or no-show are not entitled to receive refunds or to reschedule their stay.


Upon arrival, please report any damage to pod, SUPs or PFDs to the Elk Creek Marina store. Damage not reported may result in a damage / cleaning fee following check-out. In the event the marina store is closed, leave a message at 970-641-0707 reporting such damage.


Upon check-out, please remove all trash from the pod and surrounding area and place it in the designated NPS trash receptacles located within the campground, ensure fires are completely extinguished, leave the SUPs clean and locked beside pod, return clean PFDs and paddles to storage bin, leave outside area as you found it.



Use of SUPs is at your own risk. All users of the SUPs agree to wear a PFD in accordance with all applicable laws. Be mindful of the weather, afternoon winds can be very strong and make it difficult to paddle against. Rental equipment shall be operated in accordance with the Colorado Boat Operational Regulations and the National Park Service regulations, and in a safe and prudent manner. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has determined that SUPs operated outside a surfing, swimming or bathing area are “vessels” under USCG regulations. Accordingly, all SUP users must comply with navigation rules, carriage requirements for PFDs, sound producing device, navigation lights and accident reporting. SUP users are required to have a personal flotation device at all times. Under Colorado state boating laws all SUP users under the age of thirteen must wear an approved PFD at all times. Any passenger under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over the age of 18) at all times while using the SUPs. Never exceed the capacity of the SUPs, which are rated for 1 passenger per board. There is beach access and paddle board carry straps are provided. Please do not drag the boards, handle with care.  Low water levels at Blue Mesa Reservoir may mean need to travel a further distance to transport the SUP to the water. Please plan accordingly.


Two Adult Universal PFDs and two Youth Universal PFDs will be provided at the pods.  The Adult Universal measures 30"-52" chest, 90 pounds and over.  The Youth Universal measures 50-90 pounds.  Feel free to bring your own USCG approved life jacket if preferred. PFDs ARE REQUIRED!


There are no shower facilities in the immediate area.

PHOTOGRAPHS: You consent to the use of your photo and/or name for promotional purposes by ECM and waive your rights under applicable privacy and personality property rights laws requiring further permission for such use. You release ECM or any organizations affiliated with ECM from any and all liability from such use and publication and waive rights to any compensation.



By taking possession of the rented units and SUPs, Guest shall accept the same in its present condition, and acknowledge that he/she has inspected the same.

Guest assumes and shall bear all risks of loss and damage to the rented property from any and every cause whatsoever, whether or not insured, and whether or not such loss or damage is the result of fault or negligence of another. No loss or damage shall impair any obligation of his/hers hereunder.

Rented property is delivered in an “as is” condition, with the customer assuming all risks thereof. Guest agrees to hold ELK CREEK MARINA, LLC dba Blue Mesa Adventure Camping Pods (“ECM”) harmless for any claims arising from the Guest’s use thereof and all loss, damage, injury, including death, or liability resulting from the use of the rented property by the Guest, his/her agents, employees, or other guests.

Rented property shall not be used by the Guest for commercial purposes, nor any purposes forbidden by the NPS, ECM or any marina rules or regulations.

Guests that exceed the maximum occupancy limit of the camping pod will be asked to leave.

In the event that ECM is required to collect any sums due it under this agreement, or to enforce this Agreement, whether by litigation or otherwise, the customer, in addition to any damages payable, shall bear the expense of such collection including the cost of litigation, reasonable attorney’s fees and any other costs.

Failure to return rental property is a criminal offense and the offender will be prosecuted. If rental is not returned by check-out, Guest agrees to pay all replacement and loss of use fees.

*Failure to comply with rules and regulations may result in extra fees, eviction from the unit and/or no refund for the lost reservation.


*Fees do not include tax**

  • Clean up fee (pod left unclean / trash left in unit): $50.00

  • Animals in non-pet pods fee: $100.00

  • More than one pet in a pet-friendly pod fee: $50.00

  • Smoking in pod fee: $200.00

  • Lost key fee: $25.00

  • Theft, loss or damage to the following:

    • Paddle boards: up to $500.00 each;

    • PFDs: up to $50.00 each

    • Paddles: $100.00 each

    • Fins: $25.00 each

    • Pump: $150.00

    • Paddle board carrying straps: $40.00 each

    • Paddle board ankle strap: $40.00 each

**You are liable for any damage or loss of equipment, howsoever caused (whether by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the pod, paddle boards, and all related equipment as set forth above, caused by you or any person in your party whether or not staying in the pod with you during your stay. ECM reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details as presented at registration and charge or debit the credit /debit card such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make good the cost or expenses incurred or suffered by ECM as a result of the aforesaid.  Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right and you hereby authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for any damage incurred during your stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking fee, cleaning fee, guest compensation, etc. We will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.

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